• Spikes for MiniPod,<BR> BigPod, The Drop

Spikes for MiniPod,
BigPod, The Drop

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3 spikes aluminum

Mix and match with spikes

With Spikes and Hoops you can now mix and match the look of your speakers to your personal taste.

For MiniPod, BigPod and The Drop – fits all versions.

Sold as a set (3 pcs of spikes – for one loudspeaker).


If you are looking for spikes for older or other models, please go to our "spare-parts" section.



Use the product with

MiniPod - fits all versions

BigPod - fits all versions

The Drop - fits all version


Eliminates unwanted resonances
Ensures a tighter bass
Real aluminum
Exceptional soft satin finish
Rubber tipped ends
Easy mounting

Product numbers

Podspeakers original SKU# 11906 soft silver
Podspeakers original SKU# 16935 white
What you get
1 set of Spikes
(3 pcs - for one loudspeaker)



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