The MiniPod – styled by you

Some like the brushed steel or golden look, others like wood. With Spikes and Hoops you can style your speakers to your personal taste.

Together with sound improvement from A to Z, this design feature is part of a huge Podspeakers make over, initiated in 2015 and finished in 2019.

A modern piece of art

The unforgettable voluptuous forms of the MiniPod continue to thrill design and music lovers all over the world. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the MiniPod was to be found at MoMA’s design stores in New York City.

The MiniPod was originally designed by Simon Ghahary and Lawrence Dickie in 1991 – both of whom play a significant role in the development of the world famous Nautilus series at English speaker producer B&W.

The MiniPod is later introduced to a wider audience by Danish audio company Scandyna.

In a world of pop

During the 1990s, Scandyna gains a lot of attention from the MiniPod being shown in the TV sitcom “Friends” and is also gifted a lucky break with UK band The Grid’s music video for “Swamp Thing” – a monster hit in 1994.
The video with multiple white Pods filmed plays everywhere, and the exposure is priceless.

Palette expansion

For a while, Jaguar Racing Green and a range of other colours are introduced. Even a limited-edition transparent plastic MiniPod is made, which is very popular in combination with Apple Mac computers at this time.
By September 2007, Scandyna has sold more than 100.000 MiniPods.

Diapason D’Or Award in 2015

Convinced that the ideal way of transmitting sound waves naturally is via round cabinets without flat surfaces and sharp edges, Podspeakers are an antidote to the convention of square, box-type enclosures.
The MiniPod MKIII receives the distinguished Diapason D’Or Award in 2015.

The Podspeakers range consists of:
MiniPod Bluetooth, MiniPod, MicroPod, BigPod and The Drop.