The set up

The MONO setup
Simply use one MiniPod Bluetooth as a standalone mono solution, suitable for many environments.
Connect your Bluetooth device (phone, PC or MAC etc) to the MiniPod Bluetooth and enjoy your music wirelessly. Easy and convenient.

The original STEREO setup

Take one MiniPod Bluetooth and connect one MiniPod passive speaker by using a speaker cable and you have a perfect stereo speaker setup. A powerful audio solution for a simple stereo setup using well known and user friendly Bluetooth technology. We recommend this setup for TV and set-top boxes. 

The ultimate STEREO freedom
Get two MiniPod Bluetooth speakers and pair them into a powerful wireless stereo setup. Giving you the ultimate freedom of placement and usage. You can even temporarily release the stereo pairing for using them as two standalone Bluetooth speakers. We think it is state-of-the-art flexibility. This is what we call Bluetooth audio and beyond, lifting Bluetooth speakers to a new level.