The Drop MK3


The Drop has all the true Podspeaker genetics – form follows sound and function.

It is a compact 2-way Hi-Fi loudspeaker that can stand or be hung from the ceiling.

Connect two The Drop with a good quality stereo amplifier and enjoy real Hi-Fi stereo sound in your home.

Also perfect in open public spaces like fashion shops, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels etc.

Sold as one piece – order two pieces for stereo.


The Drop MKIII features driver units, electronic components and a extraordinary cabinet construction that ensures the Hi-Fi sound quality and creating a solid audiophile performance.

Perfect match for most Hi-Fi stereo amplifiers from 20-100 Watts per channel.

Available in 3 stylish colors; white satin, black matte and rred matte.

Download The Drop MKIII Datasheet

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