• Cable RCA<BR>Y-splitter
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1 x RCA cable

RCA Cable Y-splitter

RCA cable with one female RCA plug and two male RCA plugs - use it for subwoofers with only one RCA input plug. 

Suitable for subwoofers The Ball, MiniBass and BassStation and other fine subwoofers.

Copper cables and soft black pvc coat (jacket)  makes it flexible and easy to mount.

Plugs are silver plated for best connection.




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Use it with

The Ball subwoofer
MiniBass subwoofer
BassStation subwoofer
other subwoofers with only 1 RCA input


Moulded and rigid plugs
Silver plated metal parts for best connection
Copper cable
Soft black pvc "jacket"
Length 200mm - end to end

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What you get
1 cable