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MiniPod Bluetooth

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1 MiniPod Bluetooth · 1 black hoop · (spikes not included)

MiniPod Bluetooth

MiniPod is now available with Bluetooth, excellent for streaming music from your phone or tablet.

The MiniPod is one of the world’s most recognized loudspeakers. Since the first launch in the early 1990s the MiniPod has set a benchmark for what can be achieved when moving away from conventional square box designs.

MiniPod’s unique appearance did not happen by accident.  The contemporary design exemplifies the term "form-follows-function" with each of the three integrated spheres reducing the unwanted influence the cabinet has on the acoustic performance normally associated with more traditional speakers. 

When combined with the soft-dome tweeter and woven Kevlar bass driver the result is a loudspeaker that can be placed anywhere – and yet still reproduce the high-end sound the Podspeakers are known for.

The Minipod Bluetooth is not only perfect as a standalone Bluetooth speaker - with the latest aptX Bluetooth technology you can now mix & match MiniPod Bluetooth in two ways to comply with your way if listening to music: 

1.   Use it as a "stand-alone" high-end mono Bluetooth speaker 

2.   Add a Passive MiniPod to create a perfect stereo setup - we recommend this set-up for TV, movies and YouTube


Read more about how to set-up MiniPod Bluetooth here


Matte Black, Matte Red and Satin White are the colours that shape the Podspeakers in 2020.  The cabinet is cool with its matt finish – and the cabinet ABS material has glass fibers added which reduces unwanted cabinet acoustic vibrations and resonances and enhances the cabinet strength. Overall it gives the MiniPod an even better acoustic performance.

The woofer with Kevlar cone in dark grey colour with inverted dust cap adds to a modern look – and for a modern acoustic sound performance both crossovers and driveunits have been re-designed from A-Z in 2019.  The result is an ‘airy touch’ with more clear, yet balanced vocals and controlled bass performance but still with the famous acoustic signature that makes it a Podspeaker.

Hoops and spikes - mix and match

With the unique ‘Hoops and Spikes’ you can mix and match your own style of speakers. Do you want to go for the Nordic soft furniture wooden look?  Or maybe the raw and metallic look?  You have endless opportunities available to match your own unique and personal lifestyle.

The Hoops around the Kevlar woofer are easily mounted with the installed magnets. All MiniPods comes standard with black Hoops – but for you, who wants to put your own touch on the listening experience the Hoops can be bought as accessories in following colours:

  • Real Wood Light or Dark Oak
  • Aluminum Soft Silver, Soft Gold, Dark Metal, Black or White


Originally the Spikes are designed for improving the resonance functionality. No matter the volume, they stand ground for minimizing the vibration from your home décor in contrary to square box speakers.  All MiniPods comes standard with aluminium soft silver spikes – but for you who wants to put your own touch on the listening experience the spikes can be bought as accessories in the following colours:

  • Aluminum: Soft Silver, Soft Gold, Dark Metal, Black or White


Hang it on the wall

MiniPods can be fitted to a wall or other vertical surface using the optional MiniPod Wall-mounted Bracket. The brackets are specially designed to allow easy fitting and are supplied as a kit with comprehensive instructions. MiniPod Wall-mount Brackets allow for adjustment through 45 degree vertically, making them universally appropriate.

Go to Accesories to see the Wallmount, Hoops and Spikes of your choice

Scroll down to see all the Technical Data

Enjoy !


Where to buy ?

You can buy Podspeakers from one of our authorized retail and distribution partners, see the list here; dealers

You can also buy here on our official Podspeakers webshop and get the loudspeakers delivered directly to your door;

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MiniPod Bluetooth
Stereo Pack for TV

You do not need an amplifier for this stereo setup. The MiniPod Bluetooth has a built in amplifier.
Take one MiniPod Bluetooth and connect one MiniPod passive speaker by using a speaker cable and you have a perfect stereo speaker setup. A powerful audio solution for a simple stereo setup using well known and user friendly Bluetooth technology.

1 MiniPod BT · 1 MiniPod HiFi · 2 sets black rubberfeet · 2 black hoop · 1 optical cable · 1 speaker cable


1 StreamPod

Use the product with

    iPhones and iPads via Bluetooth
    Android smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth
    PC and Mac via Bluetooth or cable
    TV - we recommend via optical cable


      aptX Bluetooth
      Powerfull Class D amplifier built-in
      Remote control
      AUX minijack stereo input
      Optical input for TV and other digital sources
      Subwoofer output
      Colours Black Matt, Red Matt, White Satin
      Spikes and Hoops (optional)
      Wall Mount (optional)

        Technical Specifications

          Amplifier 2 x 25 watt Class D with DSP
          Frequency Range 48-22.000 Hz (± 3dB)
          Sensitivity 86 dB
          Nominal Impedance 4-8 Ohm
          EQ Modes Optimal - Flat - Boost
            - Bluetooth aptX 4.0
            - AC Power 100-240V
            - AUX minijack, analogue stereo
            - OPT Toslink, optical digital
            - USB port for service only
            - 4mm to passiv speaker
            - SUB for subwoofer
          Cabinet Glassfiber reinforced ABS

          Version MiniPod BT MK2
          What you get
          1 MiniPod Bluetooth
          1 black hoop
          1 remote control
          power cables (EU, UK and US)
          1 printed instruction manual
          (spikes are not included - optional)
          Dimensions of product

          Width   210 mm
          Height  340 mm (440 mm with spikes)
          Depth  200 mm
          Weight of loudspeaker:4 Kg

          Dimensions of shippingbox

          Width: 419 mm
          Height: 275 mm
          Depth: 263 mm
          Weight, Nett: 5,60 Kg

           Download MiniPod BT Datasheet (size 388 KB)

          Instruction Manual