AUDIO TEST Reviews 04/17

The highly respected German Hi-Fi magazine AUDIO TEST tests and reviews three of the Next Generation Podspeakers in the April 2017 issue – this is their verdict:

MiniPod Bluetooth MKII: Excellent (ausgezeichnet)
MiniPod MKIV: Very good (sehr gut)
BigPod MKIII: Very good (sehr gut)

AUDIO TEST Review April 2017

MiniPod Bluetooth MKII and MiniPod MKIV

“The new crossover is excellent. Much better balance in treble and bass. And middle tone with a completely new charisma. The new MiniPods are glowing with coolness, charm and wisdom like a Dalai Lama.

With a total positive listening experience it came as no surprise that even the construction is well thought through and made more clever and flexible. It is now possible to access the inside of the speakers for service and repair by unscrewing the bottom plate for easy access.

The new MiniPod Bluetooth is a very flexible one-box solution, with true-wireless stereo or in combination with a passive speaker, due to the 2 x 25 Watt DSP amplifiers built into the MiniPod Bluetooth. Very easy to use.”

AUDIO TEST Review April 2017


“Third generation BigPod has finally grown up and steps directly into the Champions League of Hi-Fi speakers. The BigPod is not just about design anymore, but a speaker really worth listening to. Tighter beat, great dynamic and a new tweeter makes this a very good listening experience.”

AUDIO TEST Review April 2017

Reviews conclusion

“We must say that the new Podspeakers range is really thought through with a wide range of outstanding improvements. Actually we were very sad having to ship back our test samples. We really got to love them. These children of the nineties.”

Read the full review (in German) here.

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